The wool for demanding athletes


Do you know the rule of 3 layers, dear to mountain people? To be well equipped whatever the weather, you must wear 3 layers of clothing (and no more): technical clothing next to the skin to keep the body dry, a sweater to retain heat and, outside, a windbreaker. windproof and ventilated Gore-Tex type.

The first layer is perhaps the most important. If it gets wet with sweat and the temperature drops or you take a break you will be cold straight away. This is why cotton, a material that absorbs little and dries slowly, should be avoided for sports.

Merino wool is considered today to be the ideal material. Breathable, very absorbent and quick-drying, you will have a much drier garment in contact with your skin. And even when wet, the wool continues to insulate you from the cold.

In addition, the thermoregulating properties of merino make it a perfect ally for outdoor disciplines where conditions are changeable and difficult to control. Merino will help keep your body at the right temperature.



It was for mountain sports that the first merino wool T-shirts were invented at the end of the 1990s. Today this material is popular for all endurance activities subject to the same constraints: cycling, navigation, golf, walking,...

Absolute Merino Béni is perhaps the ideal first layer for these sports. 100% merino, the magical properties of wool are fully expressed. Soft and elastic, it facilitates movement. Soft but sturdy, it resists twisting and friction well. Thermoregulating, it will insulate you from cold and heat. Machine washable, you will wear it often and for a long time.

Because Absolute Merino is an enduring wool, it is suitable for those who are also.


We love the great outdoors and getting active but also love the well-deserved moments of relaxation that follow.

To fully appreciate these long-awaited moments, it seems necessary to feel perfectly good in our clothes.

Merino wool being anti-bacterial and therefore anti-odor, you will already be sure not to inconvenience your neighbors, even after a long day of effort.

In addition, our models are designed to be worn in the mountains as well as at the beach or in the city, you will undoubtedly be the most fresh and elegant in the slope restaurant or club house :)

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