Béni’s raison d’être is simple: to share a double pleasure.

The pleasure of 100% Absolute Merino wool, the epitome of comfort. An ultra soft wool, naturally thermoregulating and breathable, easy to wash, which provides a magical sensation of well-being and freshness, in winter as in summer.

And on the other hand, the pleasure of wearing clothes with discreet and relaxed elegance, with careful details.


Responsible and Sustainable

In New Zealand, happy sheep say thank you!

From sheep farms to final logistics we only work with enthusiasts, who take good care of animals, nature and their employees. For our part, we imagine clothes that you will be happy to wear often, in all seasons and for a long time.

Elegant and well mannered, everything to please.

Natural and Innovative

Genius of nature or of men? Both!

Absolute Merino is the combination of the unique natural qualities of the finest Merino wool, but also the unique spinning technologies developed by our Italian partner. It is thanks to these innovations that our wool is machine washable on a daily basis.

An ultra-soft fabric but also ultra-practical.

Honest and Direct

It's always better.

Although our wool is unique, its cost is also very high. But Béni operates without an intermediary and registers its models over time through a permanent collection.

Rare, precious clothes but thus made accessible.