Absolue Béni Merino wool clothing is designed to be easy to care for so it can be worn every day. The specific spinning technique used makes the fabric very resistant, which allows it to be machine washed without risk of felting or pilling.

Thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of merino wool, it is not always necessary to wash your Béni every time you wear it: letting it air out for a few hours may be enough to eliminate slight odors and be able to put it back on.

Less frequent washing, in a short cycle, drying in the open air and no ironing: maintaining your Béni will take you little time and consumes less energy and polluting products.

How to wash your Béni?

  • Absolu Merino wool is machine washable without any problem. Recommended program: short wool cycle at 30°. This type of washing is sufficient and will ensure a long life for your Béni
  • In case of a really encrusted stain you can use a cotton program at 30 or 40°
  • Do not wash by hand (unless necessary): “kneading” can damage the ultra-fine fibers
  • Use regular or special wool detergent but no fabric softener
  • Be careful not to overload the drum of your machine, wool needs space!

Despite all your care, your Béni garment may shrink slightly during the first wash. But our fabrics being pre-washed, it will not exceed 3 to 4% of their size.

How to dry and iron your Béni?

  • Air dry, ideally flat or on a hanger to avoid marks. Merino wool dries very quickly!
  • Generally you will not need to iron your Béni because the wool naturally smoothes out wrinkles.
  • If necessary, be sure to use an iron that is not too hot, iron on the reverse side and avoid steam to avoid leaving any traces of limescale and preserve the ultrafine fibers.

What if a stain doesn't come out in the wash?

  • Stain removal should be gentle, do not rub to avoid breaking the fibers. Basic stain removers such as ammonia must be excluded . It is therefore more difficult to remove old protein stains such as eggs, blood, etc. Do not use bleach either , it has the power to dissolve the wool and you risk ending up, later, with a hole. instead of your stain!
  • Marseille soap, your best ally : it removes almost all types of stains on wool. To do this, pour a few drops of liquid Marseille soap into a bath of lukewarm water (30°). And immerse the wool in it. Add two or three additional drops to the dampened stain then rub gently to penetrate the product into the heart of the fibers. Immerse the wool in the soapy water bath again. Leave on for 30 minutes. Then rinse z. The stain will be gone. This tip is particularly effective against chocolate stains , coffee stains or soda stains.
  • Egg white, a grandmother's recipe: natural and economical, egg white has surprising powers, including erasing all traces of stains on wool. The procedure is simple. Apply the equivalent of a teaspoon of egg white (unbeaten) to the stain to be cleaned. Let sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water (30°). All you have to do is wash your wool in the usual way, by hand or in the machine on the “wool” program.
  • 70° alcohol on a wine, ink or dye stain: clean the wool with a clean damp cloth containing a few drops of 70° alcohol. Gently rub the area to be treated. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water (30°). If slight stains on the wool persist, complete the wash by applying a cloth soaked in white vinegar. Leave on for ten minutes. Then rinse again with lukewarm water. Finally, wash your garment as usual, by hand or in the machine on the “wool” program.

  • Turpentine on a makeup stain: simply dab the area to be treated with a cloth impregnated with this product, after taking care to read the instructions for use. Leave on for 10 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water (30°), before wash your laundry by hand or in the machine on the “wool” program.

  • Talc or Sommières earth on a greasy stain: if your Béni has a stain of oil , butter or a stain of sauce that is still fresh, the first instinct is to absorb the excess material. Sprinkle the stain on the wool with talc, Sommières earth or even flour. Leave on for an hour. The powder will then have absorbed the oil from the stain. All you have to do is dust and wash your garment by hand or in the machine on the “wool” program.