Sympa cette odeur...
The observation is terrible and clear: with summer coming we will sweat and the scents that come with it will not spare us... But where do these smells of perspiration come from and how can we say goodbye to them once and for all?

If you are looking for answers, I recommend reading the article by Michel Bojarun from the men's fashion blog Bonne Gueule on this subject, certainly not very glamorous, but which concerns (almost) all of us.

As the article explains well, these unpleasant odors are mainly caused by the composition of the clothes we wear next to the skin, also called "base layers" by professionals. It is proven that certain fabrics, synthetic ones in particular but also cotton, promote the development of bacteria and therefore odors while other materials prevent it.

Wearing the right materials allows you to be fresher and more comfortable without covering yourself with deodorants full of aluminum salts and other chemicals.

And guess which material is, according to Bonne Gueule experts, by far the one that most effectively limits perspiration odors? "If your budget allows it, the merino wool base layer remains a holy grail (quickly addictive) in all seasons. It is therefore in first place."

To our greatest pleasure, Michel mentions our Hopkins 100% Merino shirt which, in addition to being elegant and very soft, is in fact naturally anti-perspirant and anti-odor, which is truly astonishing. This makes our shirt, like our other models, extremely pleasant clothing to wear when it is hot or when playing sports.
May 24, 2019 — Stéphane Pinatton

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