Pourquoi nos prix sont justes 365 jours par an?

Dear friends,

Why isn't it worth waiting for the sales to order your Béni?

First of all because it is perhaps one of the only garments that will make the heatwave bearable for you thanks to the thermoregulation and anti-perspiration properties of our Absolute Merino wool.

Then because Béni will not have a sale... These have in fact become the keystone of a system that has become a little crazy in my eyes, with repeated promotions and prices that are far too high the rest of the time, labels sometimes manipulated or lower quality collections specially produced for sales. I won't say more about the abuses of the ready-to-wear system because it could take a very long time. If the subject interests you, I recommend reading the excellent article by Geoffrey de Bonne Gueule ; written a few years ago, it is still as relevant as ever.

If we do not sell it is because the Béni model is fundamentally different from that of traditional brands:

Our collection is in fact permanent and not seasonal: Absolute Merino is fantastic to wear in winter and summer, and we try to offer you neat and timeless cuts that will ensure your Béni a long career in your wardrobe. Our range is therefore stable and we therefore do not have to sell off our unsold items twice a year to make room for the new collection.

Moreover, if you consider like me that today's sale = fair price, Béni is in fact on sale all year round. Indeed we can offer you rare and high quality clothing, very expensive to produce, at the fairest possible price because Béni's economic model frees itself from all expenses that are of little use to you: creation of hundreds of models per year , network of stores in the city center, expensive advertising campaign, distribution intermediaries (who often take more than 50% of the sale price)...

In the price of a Béni there is a very high production cost linked to Absolute Merino (which costs around 10 times the price of fine cotton) and to manufacturing in quality factories, transport and shipping costs. logistics included, a little marketing and a decent margin which pays our operating costs and above all allows us to invest in our stock and the creation of new Béni.

I strongly believe in this model, made possible by e-commerce, which allows us to offer you products that combine quality and responsibility, at a price 2 or 3 times lower than what a traditional brand could offer you.

See you soon,


June 25, 2019 — Stéphane Pinatton

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