La chemise déconfinée
Dear friends,

Good news, we are starting to see the gradual end of a long period of living in slippers! On the other hand, we will have to get dressed... But should we therefore give up comfort?

At Béni, we are convinced of the opposite! The Dunedin shirt, the model you have chosen, solves this dilemma perfectly. What's more, if you no longer know how to use your iron, no problem: a little steam is enough and it won't crease all day.

We are therefore happy to announce the release of a new version of the Dunedin in beautiful, elegant and contemporary gray stripes.

Another scratch? It is indeed a pattern that we appreciate for its timeless simplicity and which has the merit of refining the silhouette. As plain white and light blue are not yet well developed in 100% merino wool (tests in progress...), it is, in our opinion, the ideal choice for a shirt that is easy to wear and match, whether either under a sweater or jacket.

With each new version we also try to perfect the cuts. We therefore reworked the collar and widened the forearms.

This new variation is available today from XS to XXL in standard length and long length (4cm more).

Kind regards,

November 27, 2020 — Stéphane Pinatton

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