Il l'a bien mérité
Dear friends,

It's time to find a Father's Day gift.

A good opportunity to introduce him to elegant clothes in which he will feel fresh all day long, even in the middle of summer. A double pleasure in short.

But which Blessed do you choose? It all depends on your tastes of course, but also on your body type. If your Dad has a bit of a belly for example, a shirt will suit him better than a t-shirt...

Any doubts about the size or model? Do not hesitate to contact us by email at, leaving us your number. We will be happy to call you to advise you. If you send us a photo of him and his approximate height and weight, even better.

You can order your Béni today or tomorrow to receive it before the end of the week. If you are Parisian you can also come see us at BHV Marais homme, but everything may not be available on site.

See you soon I hope!

Kind regards,

June 14, 2021 — Stéphane Pinatton

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